iOS version 6.22: Tips, OCR support and iOS 13 preparation

  • New filtering options for contents.
  • New attachment options for notifications.
  • Several visual tweaks for notifications.
  • Enables the Tips option in menus.
  • Activates the icon badge for notifications.
  • Supports optional OCR in some contents.
  • New internal settings for buttons and filters.
  • Fixes some issues in contents sorting.
Tips at the sync menu > Lamp or main menu

iOS version 6.21: new notification center, orders history and contents improvement

Version released on 05/24, with many improvements and features:

  • The new Notification Center is now available.
  • The new Orders History/Archive is now available.
  • Supports client details with orders listing.
  • Better and refined Contents listing and filtering.
  • Adds additional icons/menus for newer features.
  • Adds more options for Contents filtering.
  • Adds a shortcut for sharing Actions/Favorites.
New Notification Center
Actions in Notifications
Actions in Notifications
Push with actions
Notification with actions
Orders History
Orders History
Clients Orders
Clients Orders
More options for Contents filtering
More options for Contents filtering

iOS version 6.20: New contents listing and recently products

Version released on 05/17, with many improvements and features:

  • New contents listing screen with many features.
  • Automatic product indexing/searching in contents.
  • Visual indication of content access and updates.
  • New screen listing recently accessed products.
  • New types of orders supported.
  • Assorted visual tweaks and improvements.
Content list with segmentation and update data
Automatically search in PDF documents with texts that contain product codes
List of recently viewed products