Android version 5.2.0 and iOS 6.19.0

New versions of apps, Android 5.2.0 and iOS 6.19.0 available with multiples corrections, improvements and visual adjustments, better alignment of applications in the main visual parts of folders, product (grid) and product detail and gallery images of products.

Better alignment of applications in the main visual parts

iOS version 6.18.1 and Android 5.1.15 in April with update of stores and site

Updates of both versions of apps, iOS and Android, with multiples fixes, improvements and adjustments. In parallel, updated the contents of the App Store and site, representing updated visuals and standards.

Updated visuals and standards

iOS version 6.17: Search in PDFs, Share Products and Other

The February version, released February 26, features some new features planned for 2019/1, such as Document Search (PDF) and Share Products, making it easy to exchange information about individual products.

With this version there is a new News screen, replacing an old one using images, now with icons / texts and translations.

  • New search in documents (PDF).
  • New filtering / client ordering options.
  • New product sharing menu.
  • New Settings depending on settings.
  • Supports export (print) lists of products.
  • Visual adjustments for new devices and systems.
Informations about system news
New options to sharing product
Search in PDFs with texts
Filters in clients listing